Increase your presence with Google Ads using Pay-Per-Click Management

Google and other search engine providers offer the great opportunity to show ads using Pay-Per-Click Management in the top positions on any search query. We offer Pay-Per-Click Management to help you get your ads showing up for the keywords that matter most to you. Having a professional run your campaign will help you maximize the profitability of your investment into paid search.

Ppc - Pay Per Click Concept Businessman Working Concept
  • Gain a top spot on a search results page even if your site doens’t rank well organically
  • Track conversions & campaign effectiveness
  • Increase your relevancy through targeted landing pages
  • Test strategies, track results, and implement changes monthly
  • Avoid ineffective clicks and wastes of money
  • Target specific population segments


We continue to analyzed and optimized the entire campaign to increase click-through rates and decrease cost per click.

  • Continued optimization of keyword mix
  • based on campaign results
  • A/B Testing
  • Landing page adjustment
  • Bid adjustment base on campaign results

$90 per month or 15% of the monthly budget (which ever is greater)

Set Up For $90

The initial set up is important to ensure the account is optimized for efficiency

  • Research bid pricing & keywords competition
  • Ad-group and keyword implementation
  • Conversion tracking set up
  • Budget set up

$100 per landing page (recommended)

Pro Tip: “If the majority of customers find you through the internet then a Pay-Per-Click Campaign will probably be your option”